The POD® Ligament is inspired by human ligaments and engineered with advanced materials to absorb shocks and forces on the knee during normal off-road motorcycle riding. Like all moving parts, POD® Ligaments are designed to have a useful lifespan which depends on brace use including type of riding, amount of hours, and intensity of forces during riding.

How do I replace the patella guard?

The POD self-tracking patella guard is size and direction specific.
Step 1:
Remove the Hinge Pads and insert the Patella Guard Tab into the Hinge Housing Guide on the side furthest from you; ensuring the catch on the Patella Guard Tab clips into the Hinge Housing.
Step 2:
Squeeze the Patella Guard, on the side closest to you, until the Patella Guard Tab is aligned with the Hinge Housing Guide.

Patella Guard - Step 2

Step 3:
Slowly release the Patella Guard ensuring the catch on the Patella Guard Tab clips into the Hinge Housing Guide.

Patella Guard - Step 3

Step 4:
To remove, first depress the catch on the Patella Guard Tab and then repeat Steps 2 & 1.

How do I replace the ligament in the hinge?

Hinge parts and ligaments are available as replacement kits for quick and easy brace maintenance and repair.

Parts required (one of the following):

  • Hinge Ligament Set (KP120-000-NS)
  • Hinge Refurb Set (KP140-000-OS)

Tools Required:

  • Short-handled flat blade screwdriver
  • 2mm allen key (provided with the brace)


Step 1:

Remove Patella Guard and Hinge Pads.

Extend the brace until the fasteners are visible within the access holes. Remove the M3 Screws and Nuts from both sides of the brace.

Steps 2 & 3:
Remove the Lower Frame and Hinge Housings.
Step 4:
Remove the remaining M3 Screws and Nuts and remove the ligaments from the frames.
Steps 5 & 6:
Re-assemble the brace by following Steps 1 to 4 in reverse order.
Steps 7 & 8:
Flex the assembled brace to ensure that the hinge movement is free and unrestricted.

I had an accident when wearing the brace. What should I do?

An accident, impact or force can put extraordinary stress on your brace.

This may result in the total or partial destruction of some, or all, of the brace’s components rendering the brace ineffective. In this situation it is imperative that you stop using your brace.

You should thoroughly inspect the brace for any damage and check the following:

  • All brace components and connections between them (such as the the attachment of the cuffs, padding and strapping to the frames);
  • Hinge assembly ensuring that all fasteners are tight and secure;
  • All components of the hinge assembly, especially the integrity of the hinge ligaments. The ligaments should be checked through both a visual inspection and a functional check where the fully assembled brace is flexed and extended to simulate brace function. If the brace and hinge is in correct working order the movement of the hinge should be smooth and uninhibited but not extend beyond the natural straight leg position;
  • Frames and cuffs should be checked for any cracks, scratches or any other signs of damage.

Any damaged or broken components should be replaced immediately and prior to any further use of the brace.

If you have any concerns about your brace you should visit your local POD dealer or you can contact the customer support team at POD.


How should I look after my brace?

POD Active knee braces are designed to be low maintenance and durable.

Follow these suggestions to maintain your brace in good condition:

  • Hand-wash using mild detergent and lukewarm water solution.
  • Straps, frame liners, hinge and strap pads may be removed for cleaning.
  • Clean the POD Active Human Motion Hinge with water or compressed air, ensuring the hinge motion is uninhibited and the extension stop is secure.
  • Inspect the brace for obvious signs of wear and fatigue.
  • Use only POD Active genuine parts to replace components on your knee brace.
  • DO NOT machine wash any part of the brace.
  • DO NOT place in dryer or accelerate drying.
  • DO NOT make any modification to the knee brace.
  • DO NOT continue to use the brace after an accident, impact or force.
  • DO NOT use gasoline, paint or lacquer thinners, benzene or any other solvents.


How long will my brace last?


I have broken a part on my brace, can I replace it?

In most cases if you have had an accident you can replace the parts on your brace. POD braces have been designed and manufactured to allow users to easily maintain and refurbish their own braces. A list of spare parts can be found here as well as information to help you select the parts which you need, if you are still unsure then you can contact our customer support team. Spare parts are readily available from POD dealers and are easily installed.


Can I use my brace in water?

Yes, we have a number of customers and athletes who use the braces in the water for kiteboarding, wakeboarding and other water sports and none of them have had any problems with the brace.

All components used in POD Knee Braces are corrosion resistant and are suitable for use in water.

After use in saltwater the brace should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned to remove and debris and the straps and padding removed and allowed to air dry.

It should be noted that the natural life of the brace may be significantly reduced with regular use in salt water.