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Parts for K1 Knee Brace

This is a guide only, to show the compatible parts for a specific brace. Please click on the images to find your local dealer.

KX 2.0 Hinge Re-Build set

KX 2.0 Hinge Ligament Set

KX 2.0 Hinge Insert Set

KX 2.0 Strap Set
KP330-014 LT/RT

KX 2.0 Strap Clip & Loop Set

Spare Parts - All_KX-Cuff-set

 K1 YTH Cuff Set
KP600-016-YM Left MD
KP600-230-YL Left LG
KP601-016-YM Right MD
KP601-230-YL Right LG

Spare Parts - All_KX-Patella-Guard

 K1 YTH Patella Guard

 K1 YTH Pad Set
KP410-009-YM Left MD
KP410-009-YL Left LG
KP411-009-YM Right MD
KP411-009-YL Right LG