Our Story

We have an active passion for human movement. We know the freedom and power that comes from people being able to get out and move in the way they love best. We want to help people do this as long as they can, as best as they can. Sometimes though, injury gets in the way. Through innovation, research and testing, Pod Active has become the way for active humans to return to play.

Geoff Maloney


Our story started in 2005 in Torquay, Australia, when polymer and composite materials specialist and motorbike fanatic Geoff Maloney had an idea to reduce the risk and severity of ligament injuries in sport without restricting performance or compromising comfort.

Since then, POD Active has evolved to become a globally focussed product development company that specialises in joint protection for elite athletes & active humans.

Drawing on our experience and understanding of the shape and movement of the body, POD works with leading universities, brands, athletes, coaches, trainers and medical professionals to create a range of joint protection products around natural human motion.

Geoff’s Grand Father, Tom’s Motorcycle Store
in Geelong, Victoria

Geoff’s Father, Doug Maloney racing

Geoff and Rob Maloney


There was an apparent absence of ‘off the shelf’ knee braces, with competitive riders limited to medical treatment and rehabilitation knee braces, which were not designed for sport performance.

These braces were expensive, bulky and mechanical as they were designed to restrict movement as people recovered from injury.


  • Metal Pivots and gears – rust, corrode & jam in harsh moto environments
  • Noisy restrictive motion – impacts performance
  • Two fixed axis moving in one plane – feels bulky and mechanical
  • Limited refurbishment options – Return authority required, no self service

Examples of competitors complex hinges



Athletes needed a lighter weight, adaptive knee brace that provided natural human motion and close contact to the bike. Working with contracted engineers, universities, professional athletes and physicians, Geoff and his team spent 2 years refining and patenting the POD Knee Brace.

The patented HUMAN MOTION® Hinge was the key differentiator.




Inspired by the human body, our patented Human Motion® technology uses the power of Synthetic Ligaments™ engineered from Vectran Fibres™ (5X stronger than steel) to provide progressive, multidirectional motion control.


The New POD Hinge Housing provides a smooth contact surface against your knee, avoiding abrasion and delivering new levels of comfort, performance & reliability.



Since the inception of our first knee brace in 2007, we’ve evolved our product mix to become the number one knee brace in action sports.


Drawing on our experience and understanding of the shape and movement of the body, combined with the demands of our customers, POD is working to create a new platform of joint protection products around natural human motion. Our patented products integrate seamlessly with modern sports equipment, effortlessly enable natural motion and actively resist unnatural motion.